Fin Tech


cross-border fintech change enabler in the
Mauritius IFC.




Our Value proposition:

The Bhumishq Fintech Hive is the first of its kind fintech platform that strives to bring cutting edge fintech technologies to the African markets.

Our core offerings:

  • SPV structuring and regulatory licensing by the FSC of Mauritius and compliance assurance.
  • Digital Data Centre and Cloud Infrastructure hosting and 24/7/365 support.
  • Co-working space.
  • Go-To-Market and Use Case support.
  • Investment support.

Our fundamental assets:

  • Proprietary Tier IV design data centre and cloud infrastructure assets Management company licensed by the FSC of Mauritius.
  • Proprietary Grade A Office tower in the heart of the Ebene Cyber City.
  • Credible network with banks, assets and wealth managers, insurance, financial services firms and technology companies in Mauritius and Africa.
  • 10+ years in the business of financial technologies for the BFSI segment in Mauritius and Africa.

Many successful firsts:

  • The first commercial Tier IV design, PCI-DSS, Visa and Master Card compliant data centre in Mauritius and Sub-Sahara Africa.
  • The first private cloud infrastructure of Mauritius.
  • The first PCI-DSS, Visa and Master Card compliant third party payment processing company of Mauritius.
  • The first management company to enable the business of cross-border online payment acquiring of Visa and MasterCard credit cards.


We act as catalyst for your expansion into African, Latin American and ASEAN markets.

Fintechs are disrupting incumbents and gaining market share globally and Africa is no exception, especially where digital financial inclusion holds significant importance for social empowerment and the development of an inclusive society. While Africa shows promise of conducive ecosystem build in the form of growing internet connectivity and the accessibility, affordability and convenience of smart phone devices, the challenges still abound. Firstly, the markets are fragmented and limited resulting in complex regulatory schemes for regional or pan-African deployment. Currency risks are very real. Political instability surfaces

Yes, the Mauritius IFC helps mitigate the risks and acts as a strong accelerator platform for digital financial inclusion for Africa. It provides conducive regulatory frameworks for fintech platforms to host their fintech software and technologies. Then, there is the ecosystem of acquiring payments and client on-boarding. The fiscal benefits allow for seamless capital inflows and outflows and exit opportunities.

The Mauritius IFC plays similar role for Latin America and ASEAN countries for B2B fintech platforms as in the case of Africa.


We are your strategic partner for the development of digital assets opportunities.

Digital assets constitute a totally new asset class that is attracting investment share from assets and wealth managers and family offices. Given the recent uptake of this asset class, there is a lot of regulatory uncertainty and ecosystem immaturity. At Bhumishq, we are striving to gain knowledge about digital assets and creating solutions for the uptake of that asset class.


Value Propositions:

Regulatory licensing and supervisory oversight, digital data centres and cloud infrastructure hosting, start-up, capital raising and exit jurisdiction.

Product Focus: B2B Fintechs and Digital Assets

Market Segments: Africa, Latin America, ASEAN, IFCs

Sustainable competitive advantage: Regulatory and democratic institutions credibility, ecosystem of African financial institutions, financial services firms and digital data centres and cloud infrastructures, fiscal benefits.