When you want to make a real difference each and every day, you know the time has come to make a change in your career trajectory.

Whether you are a technical professional with a desire to work with leading edge technologies or a business professional seeking the nexus of corporate best practice, we want to get to know you.


As an organisation, Bhumishq aims to have a positive impact in every endeavor. As a Mauritian company with its heart in Africa, we embody the promise that is – Africa. Talented individuals who come to work for Bhumishq are attracted by a meritocratic culture in which teams achieve outcomes that exceed their highest expectations with commensurate recognition and rewards as a result.

Business professionals, technologists, recent graduates and individuals with significant experience collectively paint a clear picture of the kinds of people who work a Bhumishq. This diversity combines with our core values and corporate culture to create a truly unique and engaging environment in which individuals and teams can develop and grow both personally and professionally.

When the time has come for a career that enables you to make a difference each and every day, then the time has come for a conversation about career opportunities at Bhumishq. If you don't see a particular position listed below that matches your interest, then just use the "Choose Your Path" section below to begin that conversation.




Looking to make a difference for an
organisation that is as committed
to the future as you are.
Innovation, creativity and pushing
the boundaries of what is possible
are concepts you embrace and
values you espouse.