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Bhumishq Technologies Ltd is a specialist data centre and cloud computing company in Mauritius. It provides digital infrastructure hosting for production and disaster recovery and business continuity as well as work area recovery facilities. Moreover, it offers cloud infrastructure hosting, cloud back-up and cloud migration services.


Our data centre and cloud solutions positively and sustainably impact 5 outcomes: Assurance, Acceleration, Experience, Innovation and Insights.

Assurance: Information Security, Compliance and Governance

Achieve compliance with data sovereignty, data residency, data security and data governance for regulated financial institutions as prescribed by the Guidelines on Outsourcing by the Bank of Mauritius effective March 2018 and the Data Protection Act 2017 (also for non-regulated businesses) with regards to personal data, data controller, data processor and data processing. Likewise, we contribute in your information, information technology and information security governance as prescribed by the National Code of Corporate Governance for Mauritius (2016).

Acceleration: Resilience, Risk Management and Operational Excellence

Take Control. Through our high availability, resiliency, security, business continuity, statutory, regulatory and corporate compliance, we enable you to be always on and better manage your risks. Our work area recovery seats and managed data centre and cloud services enhance our customers’ delight. The result is growth acceleration.

Innovation: Digital Assets and Fintech

Once you have control of your data, you can focus on innovating especially in fintech and digital assets where is you are a start-up, you need the data infrastructures comparable to a bank and if you are an incumbent, you need to act with speed and agility at least costs to compete with the start-ups.

Insights: Business Agility, Analytics and AI

In today's world, data is at the centre of everything. By outsourcing your power, cooling, security, and monitoring duties to Bhumishq, you are able to focus on building your data repository with integrity, draw insights and innovate to enhance your customers' experience.

Experience: Lower Total Costs of Ownership and Operation of digital infrastructures for Digital Business

You are able to reduce risks, improve productivity and innovate at reduced total costs of ownership of your digital infrastructures. Your bottom line and shareholder value shoot upwards.


Bhumishq has delighted 100+
customers across multiple
industry verticals. Our expertise
and experience in digital
infrastructures in your segment
can become a source of
competitive advantage and digital
edge for your business.


We have been FIRST and
NO. 1 in data centre
and cloud services for 10+ years.


Digital Infrastructures:

  • Enterprise Architecting & Consulting for Hybrid Private Datacentre
  • 3 Tier Converged and Hyperconverged infrastructure,  
  • Stack building for Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC),
  • Software Defined Networking redefining Failovers
  • Smart Business Continuity,
  • Risk Based Enterprise Security Design, develop, integrate and implement

Data Centre:

  • Production Datacentre or Primary Datacentre
  • Disaster Recovery Hosting,
  • Managed Data Centre services : Monitoring, Orchestrating, Simulations, Back-up and Recovery, Work area recovery

Cloud Computing:

  • Public and Private Hosted Cloud computing with partnership of Microsoft Azure, VMWare AWS, Citrix, IBM SoftLayer and Oracle Cloud.
  • Consulting and implantations for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service Applications, Cloud Adaptation, Cloud Migration, Cloud Back-Up, Cloud Security.


10+ years’ experience and expertise to 200+ delighted customers in below services:

  • Digital Data Centre services out of its proprietary Tier IV design data centre in Ebene Cyber City.
  • Cloud Led (public, private, hybrid) Digital Systems, Digital Technologies and Cyber Security Services.
  • Technology (in particular Microsoft, VMware, RedHat) and Business Operations Services.
  • 24/7/365 fanatic support by the Bhumishq Brigade in English and French.
  • Regulatory, Statutory and Corporate Compliance Support.
  • Management Company services with specialisation in financial technologies.