Smart Cities Solutions

‘Smarter People’, ‘Smarter Technologies’, ‘Smarter World’

Bhumishq embraces the concept of bridging the digital divide through smart investments in people and technology. We believe that “smart citizens” ultimately become catalysts for changing behaviors toward more efficient societal practices and more sustainable social norms. And, in a technology-driven world, we can all benefit from unprecedented ease of access to information and knowledge sharing. Bhumishq aims to embody these core concepts in our portfolio of Smart Cities solutions.


  • Informed
  • Engaged
  • Responsible


  • Efficient
  • Effective
  • Innovative


  • Peaceful
  • Liveable
  • Sustainable

Why Bhumishq Smart Cities?

The Smart Cities technology landscape encompasses a diverse variety of technologies, including Big Data, Analytics, Cloud, Mobility, Senors, Embedded Systems and Internet of Things (IoT) among many others. Bhumishq Technologies has a substantial head start in many of the core technologies with partnerships in niche areas that enable our complete portfolio of Smart Cities solutions.

The Smart Cities Ecosystem

Smart Cities consist of integrated ecosystems designed to be “smarter” by being more efficient and more attuned to the needs of citizens and society as a whole. And, technological innovation with beneficial social intent combines with the entrepreneurial initiatives of individuals and governments to make smarter cities a living reality.


Smart Energy

Greater energy efficiency through a variety of operational and energy management measures including smart grids, smart meters, smart appliances and renewable energy resources.


Smart Environment

Improved living standards through an ecosystem of invisible sensors, actuators and networked computational elements embedded in the environment that interact and self-organise in providing services.


Smart Connectivity

Removing barriers that connect humans, devices and networks that enable intelligent, seamless connections facilitating exchanges of data and availability of services.


Smart Buildings

Using an array of interconnected technologies to make buildings more intelligent and responsive and ultimately improving their performance in terms of cost efficiency and environmental impact.


Smart Health

Improving treatment and quality of life for patients while reducing public healthcare costs. Real-time monitoring and diagnosis facilitates virtual interactions between patients and physicians.


Smart Education

Engaging more students and empowering more teachers while linking schools, tertiary institutions and workforce training programmes through innovative online and collaborative learning.

“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody,
only because and only when, they are created by everyone.”
– Jane Jacobs

The Promise of Smart Cities...

Bhumishq Technologies embraces the promise of public and private sector collaboration and investment to achieve strategic growth objectives, raise employment and improve long-term economic prospects for urban centres and satellite cities. This approach aims to eradicate the gap between rural and urban areas and address regional imbalances through innovative, “smart” technologies. We understand how technological innovation and on-demand cross platform products and services can bring dramatic improvements toward sustainable quality of life for both urban and rural areas.

Smart Cities envisions government policies and services that are enhanced and improved through application of integrated technology platforms across easily accessible and connected devices. New business models and financial prospects can be enabled for public, private, and non-profit organisations. Collectively, these changes aim to improve the efficiency and productivity of countries and citizens, socially, politically and economically.
Smart Cities contribute to citizen’s sense of well-being, safety and security through unified, comprehensive and advanced security technologies that enable data-driven responsiveness in the event of crime and civil unrest. Digitally transformed Smart Cities leverage innovation to enable more efficient and effective approaches to managing environmental, health and public safety challenges. We foresee that realising the full potential of Smart Cities will require determined and transparent approaches to governance combined with entrepreneurial ideas, vision, executional drivers, collaboration, investment and broad citizen engagement.
Smart Cities promises a more liveable, sustainable, cleaner, healthier and safer world in which entrepreneurial applications of innovative technologies enables connected ecosystems in which individual citizens and the public sector that serves them are each empowered to achieve their full potential.