Process Automation Solutions

Automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency
Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency
– Bill Gates

Bhumishq Process Automation Services enables enterprises to go beyond efficiency gains to achieve higher levels of effectiveness across their operations. Our process automation experts are technology-savvy analysts who work closely with business managers to develop insights into the most impactful opportunities for efficiency and effectiveness gains. These insights drive implementation projects to transform enterprise IT infrastructure into strategic & competitive advantage.


  • Revenue Performance
  • Sales Pipeline Visibility
  • Marketing Automation


  • Customer Service
  • Supply Optimisation
  • Finance & Accounting

& Analytics

  • Accurate Reporting
  • Decision Support
  • Trend Analysis

& Cloud

  • Centralised Data Store
  • Single View of Reality
  • Agile Operations

Why Bhumishq Process Automation?

Bhumishq Process Automation teams understand the inevitable chaos that often accompanies the growth of a successful business. Spreadsheets, flat file archives, desktop databases and dozens of other tools simply cannot scale to support the needs of the business. These growth-induced efficiencies signal that the time has come for a process-oriented approach to how the business does business. Bhumishq Process Automation experts work with enterprises of all sizes to increase efficiencies and become a more effective operation by re-architecting critical business processes and identifying high-impact process automation opportunities.

Case in Point

Successful tour operator expanding to international markets discovers
constraints and costly duplication in their customer-facing operations.


The Challenge

Eliminate disjointed processes and disparate data stores while integrating online customer-facing assets.


The Solution

Bhumishq integrates websites into CRM platform enabling real-time customer service and sales pipeline visibility.

“We knew we needed a CRM system to properly align our sales & marketing processes.
Bhumishq showed us how to get started in the right direction.”

Bhumishq Process Automation services are the starting point for addressing growth-induced inefficiencies that most successful businesses will face at some point in time. A private consultation with our Process Automation experts will result in a clearer understanding of the sources of efficiency from which we identify process automation opportunities. Whether for customer-facing operations (CRM) or back-office operations (ERP) or any process in between, Bhumishq Process Automation teams can help you become a more “effective” enterprise.

Integrated Architecture for Business Process Automation

The Integrated Architecture for Business Process Automation is a reference architecture for visualising the main business processes that are characteristic of most businesses. It serves as a starting point for discussions of how specific operations are conducted within the business. And, it is often used for mapping processes prior to redesigning those processes in the context of an automation programme.

Bhumishq Process Automation Services leverages the substantial infrastructure footprint of Bhumishq Data Centres. Bhumishq Technologies Ltd owns and operates the fully redundant, ‘always on’ 24×7 Bhumishq Data Centre as a core business. Located in Cyber City (central island) away from coastal areas, Bhumishq Data Centre is carrier neutral and designed to the strictest international standards for financial institutions (i.e. PCI-DSS, VISA & MASTERCARD, SAS). Bhumishq Process Automation Services are accompanied by SLAs that ensure our process automation implementations achieve the efficiency gains that result in a more effective enterprise and a higher level of customer satisfaction.