Information Security

Keeping valuable information free of danger.

Bhumishq Information Security Services has just a single mission – to keep your information assets and their supporting infrastructure free from unauthorised access while ensuring they are available to those with authorised access when they need access. Our approach to Information Security is not limited to a specific technology but encompasses people, policies, processes and practices reflecting the multi-faceted nature of the information security threat.


  • Secure Protocols
  • Network Firewalls
  • Network IDS/IPS


  • Access Control
  • Environment Controls
  • Host IDS/IPS


  • Strong Authentication
  • Patching & Updates
  • Encryption


  • Training
  • Vigilance
  • Processes

Why Bhumishq Information Security?

Bhumishq Information Security Services lead in the holistic application of information security best practices and methodologies modelled on international standards – ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (Information Security Management Systems) and ISO/IEC 27002:2013 (Code of Practice for Information Security Controls). Our Information Security teams have developed a very integrated understanding of internal and external vulnerabilities and threat vectors and work with enterprises of all sizes to help them adopt information security technologies, policies, practices and processes that ultimately contribute to long-term enterprise value.

Case in Point

Online retailer concerned that their e-commerce and email systems are vulnerable
proactively seeks a solution to ensure these critical systems are protected.


The Challenge

Consolidate unprotected systems into a secure location while enhancing confidentiality, integrity & availability.


The Solution

After vulnerability assessment, Bhumishq redeploys critical systems in a monitored, hardened, secure cluster.

“We knew we were at risk but had no idea how vulnerable we really were.
The Bhumishq team knew just what to do so we can now sleep at night.”

Bhumishq Information Security Services are delivered by professionals experienced in assessing vulnerabilities and mitigating threats that encompass the entire sphere of enterprise operations. Whether a point technology solution or a formalised enterprise-wide security programme, our infosec experts will work with you at whatever starting point makes sense as a first step toward a more secure enterprise. Our experience demonstrates that information security is essential to building and sustaining long-term enterprise value and should be a priority concern for every organization.

Information Security Management Model

The Information Security Management Model (ISSM) is our best practice framework for designing and implementing an organised approach to information security management. It facilitates discussions among stakeholders and it provides our information security professionals with a programme roadmap and client communications vehicle. Most importantly, the Model is used to ensure integration of information security standards, policies, metrics and practices with technology, people and programmes.

Bhumishq Information Security Services leverages the knowledge, skills and experience of teams of technology professionals from across Bhumishq Technologies Group, including the fully redundant, ‘always on’ 24×7 Bhumishq Data Centres which are owned and operated by Bhumishq Technologies Ltd. Located in Cyber City (central island) away from coastal areas, Bhumishq Data Centre is carrier neutral and designed to the strictest international standards for financial institutions (i.e. PCI-DSS, VISA & MASTERCARD, SAS). Bhumishq Information Security Services benefits from years of practical experience working with financial institutions whose security standards are the most stringent of any industrial sector. Preserve your long-term enterprise value, contact Bhumishq Information Security Services for a private consultation.