Disaster Recovery Solutions

Confidence that comes with knowing your data is safe.

Bhumishq Disaster Recovery solutions are flexible, robust and affordable and ensure protection for your business applications and data. Our professional team of experts help you choose the appropriate resiliency solutions based on your business continuity requirements and risk tolerance and we ensure our solutions are optimised to meet your recovery objectives and your budget.


  • RTO < 15 minutes
  • RPO < 15 minutes
  • WAN Acceleration

Data Loss

  • Backup I/O Control
  • Application Awareness
  • Replication from Backup


  • Sandbox Testing
  • Easy Troubleshooting
  • Run VMs from Backups


  • Centralised Management
  • Standalone Console
  • Guest File Indexing

Why Bhumishq Disaster Recovery?

Beginning with a thorough Business Impact Analysis (BIA), our disaster recovery services help determine the best data backup, replication and recovery strategy. We help determine the most cost-effective approach to protecting critical business applications and data to support recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTO & RPO). Our Data-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) offering balances cloud backup/replication as a service and recovery as a service to ensure that business continuity requirements are met.

Case in Point

A utility company requires a reliable and safe location for their Disaster Recovery (DR) including a single stop for a full DR solution such as DR server hosting, alternate office space (WAR seats) which to include IT, network, L1 support, telephone and internet.


The Challenge

Traditional backup and recovery solutions are cost prohibitive and don’t meet the business continuity requirements.


The Solution

Bhumishq responds by providing dedicated rack space connected via high speed fibre to data centre for alternate office space.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the breath of business continuity services available to us with Bhumishq.
Although we can’t predict when disaster will strike, at least we know we are prepared.”

Bhumishq Disaster Recovery services are an essential complement to business continuity planning for enterprises of all sizes. Each business has its own unique tolerances for data loss and downtime in addition to their unique configuration of applications and data stores. These factors combine with budgetary constraints to determine the most appropriate disaster recovery solution.

Disaster Recovery Overview

A Bhumishq Disaster Recovery services expert works with you to conduct a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to identify the most likely disaster scenarios and assess the availability of critical enterprise infrastructure as a result. The BIA addresses each of the critical elements of a disaster recovery architecture, including – backup, replication and recovery facilities.

Cloud Backup Service

An increasingly important element of modern disaster recovery planning involves leveraging cloud technologies for the added benefit of physical diversity in locating backup repositories. Bhumishq Disaster Recovery services encompass both on-premises and cloud-based backup storage and recovery capabilities.

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

For the “Always Available” enterprise with little to no tolerance for downtime, Bhumishq offers Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS). This offering is designed to meet the most stringent recovery objectives by leveraging cloud-based replication, WAN acceleration and failover orchestration to bring unplanned downtime to an absolute minimum.

Bhumishq Disaster Recovery Services leverages the substantial infrastructure footprint of Bhumishq Data Centres. Bhumishq Technologies Ltd owns and operates the fully redundant, ‘always on’ 24×7 Bhumishq Data Centre as a core business. Located in Cyber City (central island) away from coastal areas, Bhumishq Data Centre is carrier neutral and designed to the strictest international standards for financial institutions (i.e. PCI-DSS, VISA & MASTERCARD, SAS). Bhumishq Disaster Recovery Services are accompanied by SLAs covering the entire spectrum of disaster recovery planning and implementation to ensure that mission critical IT infrastructure, applications and data are available when needed.