Cloud Services

Agile infrastructure for business at the speed of change.

The accelerating pace of innovation in information and communications technologies shortens product life cycles and forces enterprise infrastructure deployments to approach obsolescence at a correspondingly accelerated pace. Bhumishq Cloud Services provides the solution to infrastructure obsolescence while eliminating the substantial up-front capital expenditures that have characterised traditional approaches to enterprise architecture.


  • Pay per usage
  • Lower, Predictable Costs
  • Shift CapEx to OpEx


  • No patch maintenance
  • Rapid deployment
  • Reliablility, fault-tolerance


  • Self Provisioning
  • Ubiquitous Access
  • Facilitate Collaboration

Why Bhumishq Cloud Services?

Bhumishq Cloud Services represents the Africa/Indian Ocean region’s broadest and most integrated public cloud offering with best-in-class services across all cloud services tiers – Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). And, our Hybrid Cloud offering enables enterprises to make very strategic choices in how they augment on-premise applications and data with cloud-based services. Bhumishq Cloud helps organisations drive innovation and business transformation by increasing business agility, lowering costs and reducing IT complexity.

Case in Point

A startup distribution business with accelerating demand recognises it needs IT infrastructure and services but cannot cost justify internal IT staff and capital equipment expenditures.


The Challenge

IT infrastructure is a business necessity but investment in capital equipment and IT staff is not strategic for the business.


The Solution

Bhumishq responds with IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) solution consisting of cloud-hosted infrastructure and 24×7 IT support services.

“Thanks to Bhumishq, we are able to focus our investments on our core business.
And, with zero in-house IT staff we can still operate an ‘always-on’ business.”

Bhumishq Cloud Services, brings the benefits of cloud computing to the entrepreneurial enterprise. From fully cloud-managed, customised SaaS to strategic infrastructure virtualisation (IaaS) and hybrid-cloud architectures, Bhumishq Cloud Services works with enterprises of all sizes to design the optimal solution for – cost savings, ease of implementation, agility, flexibility, scalability and sustainability.

Cloud Services Overview

Regardless of the starting point in terms of existing IT infrastructure, the Bhumishq Cloud Services team can work with you to determine the most appropriate cloud migration strategy for your organisation. From fully cloud-based deployments of enterprise applications like Office 365 to fully virtualised platforms for custom application hosting, Bhumishq Cloud Services can provide a cost-effective solution that will adapt to your current and future requirements.

Public Cloud Services

Ease the on-ramp to cloud computing by working with an experienced leader in migrating IT workloads to the cloud. This includes office applications, email and other mission-critical IT with minimal to no downtime. Bhumishq Cloud Services has partnered with Microsoft and IBM to offer Office 365, Azure Cloud Services and IBM Softlayer services respectively. With geo-redundant data centers and low latency links to any destination in the world there is no longer any reason to delay taking advantage of the strategic and operational benefits provided by the cloud.

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    Microsoft Office 365

    Reduce internal IT costs due to asset depreciation while enabling secure anywhere access.

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    Microsoft Azure

    New applications and services deployed quickly, securely and efficiently.

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    IBM Softlayer

    On-demand “bare metal” infrastructure that scales to the most challenging requirements.

Private Cloud Services

When it comes to managing mission critical infrastructure, choosing the right technology services partner is half the battle. Take advantage of the best infrastructure and services from Bhumishq Cloud Solutions and take the first important step towards aligning IT with business goals. Bhumishq can help you achieve much more than simple cost reduction.

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    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

    Custom provisioned exclusive use Linux or Microsoft Server virtual machines on-demand.

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    Software as a Service (SaaS)

    Fully cloud-hosted Microsoft Exchange removes the challenge and cost of in-house management.

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    High Performance Networking

    “Always up” network infrastructure with Cisco Systems and Palo Alto high-performance equipment.

Hybrid Cloud Services

Nobody wants to have separate logins for in-house IT and cloud IT infra. We at Bhumishq makes sure you have the best of both worlds keeping your login as a single username and password and at the same time giving you the benefits of cloud.
We can replicate your in-house directory service to cloud providing you with a single sign-on on all your systems.
And then they say world is small…. We will make sure it becomes a common playground for all us and our growth.

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    Custom Directory Services

    Ensure the appropriate people have the appropriate access to appropriate resources.

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    Single Sign-on (SSO)

    Eliminate the IT administrative burden of user authentication across myraid corporate systems.

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    Ultimate Flexibility

    Blend the confidence and control of dedicated IT infrastructure with the flexibility and scalability of the public cloud.

Bhumishq Cloud Services leverages the substantial infrastructure footprint of Bhumishq Data Centres. Bhumishq Technologies Ltd owns and operates the fully redundant, ‘always on’ 24×7 Bhumishq Data Centre as a core business. Located in Cyber City (central island) away from coastal areas, Bhumishq Data Centre is carrier neutral and designed to the strictest international standards for financial institutions (i.e. PCI-DSS, VISA & MASTERCARD, SAS). Bhumishq Cloud Services are secure, reliable, mission critical IT infrastructure and services supported by a 99.99% uptime SLA covering the entire spectrum of cloud services.