Our Core Values

We Foster Sustainability

The ethos of the Bhumishq brand is to have a positive impact on the countries in which it operates as expressed in our vision of “Forging equitable, inclusive and sustainable economic, social and environmental transformation in Mauritius and Sub Sahara Africa”.

We Pursue Excellence

Our commitment to excellence is expressed in our relentless quest to exceed customer’s expectations through state-of-the-art digital engagement channels and by doing business with integrity and transparency within a meritocratic culture of inclusion and equal opportunity.

We Embrace Innovation

Technology is at the heart of everything that Bhumishq does. We advocate and facilitate innovation through business solutions and business models enabling Sub Sahara Africa enterprises to leapfrog developed markets while positioning Mauritius as a leader in the fintech sector.

We Create Value

While Bhumishq is driven by its brand’s value creation culture and commitments, it generates profits to be able to sustain its brand attributes. Creating profits and shareholder value remain the first and core objective of the Bhumishq brand.

“Bhumishq” is a Sanskrit word meaning love for land, the motherland or the universe.Dhaneshwar Damry

About Bhumishq


Bhumishq aims to provide secure, diverse and reliable network connectivity to match the growing demands of the Mauritian Market. We leverage our experience in delivering and providing superior cloud services to enterprise clients toward becoming the preferred partner for growing IT infrastructure industries. We are committed to creating an environment that empowers businesses with growing mobility that ensures maximum customer satisfaction. We see technology as a primary tool for engaging young Mauritians to develop and sustain a Smart City ecosystem as a foundation for innovation-driven economic development well into the future.

Bhumishq Group


    Bhumishq Group aims to touch the lives of citizens through innovative digital and smart technologies for smart buildings as well as clean technologies for renewable energy.

  • Bhumishq is committed to making a positive contribution economically, socially and environmentally. This is reflected in our investments and operations in the digital technologies sector of Sub Sahara Africa.

  • Bhumishq gives back to the community through corporate social responsibility initiatives that revolve around education, entrepreneurship and innovation. Bhumishq drives its CSR initiatives through the Bhumishq Foundation.

  • Although Bhumishq is a privately owned company, it operates with the highest corporate governance standards and the strictest disclosure norms supported by the very best external advisors, auditors and bankers.

Bhumishq Technologies Ltd


    The core business of Bhumishq Technologies is to provide enterprise technology solutions to SMBs, governments and enterprise clients in Mauritius and Sub Sahara Africa.

  • Bhumishq Technologies leverages on its Tier IV design PCI DSS Visa and Master Card compliant data centre as a platform for delivery of world class secure transaction services.

  • The main activities of Bhumishq Technologies are in data centre and cloud services, information security, process automation solutions and business analytics.

  • Bhumishq Technologies Ltd abides by the same brand ethos, vision, mission, values, commitments, corporate governance, financial and disclosure standards of the Bhumishq Group.

Bhumishq Fund Ltd


    The core business of Bhumishq Fund is to generate sustainable long term cash yield and capital appreciation by investing in smart technologies driven real estate assets and clean technologies enabled renewable power plants.

  • Bhumishq Fund Ltd. has (historically) been active in the real estate segment only but is currently considering investment opportunities in renewable power projects. NOTE: From Q1 2016, Bhumi Fund Ltd. refers to Bhumishq Fund Ltd.

  • The principal market of Bhumishq Fund has been Mauritius but now Bhumishq Fund is actively seeking investment opportunities in Tier I cities in India to generate emerging markets’ returns.

  • Bhumishq Fund Ltd abides by the same brand ethos, vision, mission, values, commitments, corporate governance, financial and disclosure standards of the Bhumishq Group.

Corporate Governance

Bhumishq is uncompromising about good corporate governance. Firstly, the Board of Directors translates the objectives and commitments of the shareholders of Bhumishq into directions, guidelines and actionable items that are then implemented by the executive management of Bhumishq. The executive management is made up of the Chief Executive, the Chief Financial Executive and the Chief Operating Executive. In FY 17, Bhumishq will appoint non-executive and or independent directors on its board.

The board of directors has created four committees, namely the Audit and Risk Committee, the Governance, Nomination and Remuneration Committee, the Finance and Investment Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee. The different committees invite Bhumishq staff and or external advisors as and when required.

The Chief Executive together with the executive and operational leadership oversee the day-to-day management and operations of the Bhumishq Companies.

Moreover, the Company and its board are very conscious of the compliance and AML / CFT norms in Mauritius. This is why, Bhumishq Technologies has a rigorous compliance process to deal only with reputable companies whose source of funds do not arise out of the proceeds of crime, corruption and terrorism. Last but not least, Bhumishq Technologies ensures that its leadership and staff are not politically exposed people.



Mr. Dhaneshwar Damry

Chairman & CEO


Mrs. Shilpa Bothra Damry

Managing Director



Triple Bottom Line

SUSTAINABLE TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE: Globally responsible leadership enabling skills and talent infrastructure to forge sustainable, equitable and inclusive economic, social and environmental transformation in Africa.

PEOPLE: Developing an inclusive skills and talent infrastructure in Africa.

PLANET: Building a legacy of sustainable environment practices for future generations.

PROFITS: Outstanding financial performance with social and environmental accountability.

Bhumishq is a firm believer in the triple bottom line focus, i.e. profits, people and planet. Bhumishq believes in the financial, social and environmental performance of the firm. Bhumishq engages in businesses that have a positive triple bottom line impact. For instance, the necklace of cloud data centres enables the creation of jobs; hence the social impact on communities is highly visible. Similarly, the cloud data centres are designed with least energy consumption possible resulting on a positive impact on the environment. Bhumishq believes that triple bottom line is the new paradigm of doing business in Africa and requires globally responsible leadership in the African context. Bhumishq strives to create a legacy of equitable, inclusive and sustainable economic, social and environmental development through its businesses whose ultimate underlying purpose is to address societal challenges in a particular geography.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Bhumishq Group will be driving its corporate social responsibility through the Bhumishq Foundation that will be headed by Mrs. Shilpa Bothra Damry. The Bhumishq Foundation will seek to contribute towards the welfare of children, women and old people and for the advancement of the community at large.